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    This is a list of all the links I know to e of use for biology. It is still growing, however the number of GOOD resources for biology is very limited, so if you find anything, please tell me.

    The links below are divided into two categories- general, and those that I used for my investigations.

    I have made all of my investigations available here on this site in my Biology Coursework Archive. Most of them got full marks or just below, so may be useful to people doing similar investigations.
Sites specifically for A-Level Biology.
  1. Colchester Sixth Form Biology Department LOADS of useful resources and links.
    Biology department Main Page:

  2. S-Cool Revision Site for helpful revision sections.

  3. Philip Allan Publishers for revision conferences and packs

  4. AEB Modular Biology Syllabus if you need one

  5. A-Level Projects some courseworks by someone else
Sites relavent to A-Level Biology

  1. Parasites and Parasitological Resources- (thanks to Paul Benton)

  2. Biology 122 Home Page- good for looking things up

  3. NewScientist for additional reading

  4. General Biology materials

  5. Logical Biology (so its called)

  6. The ESG Biology Hypertextbook Home Page giant index of terms

  7. The Journal of Experimental Biology (American) for archived articles

  8. Biochemnet- a regularly updated biochemistry resource with some useful genetics information.

  9. Biotech's Life Science Dictionary- a biochemical and biotechnology dictionary with references to cell biology and genetics

  10. Cells Alive- a very good site for those studying human health and disease at advanced level

  11. Charles DArwin and evolution- includes the full text TheOrigin of the Species

  12. Dictionary of Cell Biology- excellent on-line reference for cell biology

  13. Molecular Structures- a useful site for those wanting to investigate biological molecules

From one school's Biology Department:
  1. Biology Department Home Page

  2. Botany Links for Bio 240- also relavent to other courses

  3. Science Center web search result page- probably the most useful of the three

Scared Mouse!Scary Sperm!

From my yeast coursework...
  1. Yeast search page
    From a "" search

  2. More yeast links
    From a "" search

  3. Still yeast links
    From a "" search
From my blowfly coursework...
  1. About Blowfly great site

  2. Blowfly lifecycle another great site