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about simon

this page: i didn't really want to do a bit about me... just put the link in to make the site complete, really. but i've had requests, so i thought i had better put something here. o.k. i'm 18 years old, about six foot seven (1.97 metres), have short, dark hair and brown eyes.
a-levels: i did chemistry (a), biology(a), physics(a) german(b) and general studies [aka general waste of time!](b) advanced levels at college (grades there to save people from asking me all the time!), and that is when i set up this site.
favourite activities: cycling, swimming, free-climbing (rocks/cliffs), photography,running, walking, philosophising, reading, windsurfing, wave Surfing, scateboarding, and most of all, meeting interesting people.
i am particularly passionate about: watersports, climbing and other high-adrenaline activities, and photography.
a few photos: (for those who know me- i don't expect anyone else to be interested). they may take a while to load. in fact, some of them may not load at all! sorry.

     for those of you who know who this is
     anyone know who this is?

     duke of edinburgh gold practise expedition
     heading down from helvellyn in the lake district of england

     and a picture from the actual gold expedition on arran

     ignoring the pain in his leg, he heroically struggled on...

more pictures coming: to be honest, these are just a random few pictures that friends have scanned in for their own use, and given me a digital copy as it was my picture. i am hoping to get some more photos on here, but i need a scanner first- too expensive for an impoverished student- and time to scan my vast collection.

me now:
        ...the oldest entries have been deleted...

        --- November 2000 ---
i am sitting in girton college, cambridge, skipping lectures as usual. i am enjoying studying medicine, despite the intensity of the course here in cambridge. unfortunately i haven't much time for this site anymore, although i may have a crack at it in the christmas holidays. Well, good luck to all you guys doing a-levels. Did you realise that a-levels is supposed to be the hardest time of your life. at least, if you do a good few a-levels, they say uni is easier. unless you go to cambridge/oxford... and of course not if you study medicine...

ciao for now,

        --- March 2001 ---
well life as a medic only gets harder. sociology exam in 2 weeks. holidays for revision only. am i enjoying life? well yes far too much of the time. however i always have so much work that i feel guilty the moment i do something else. i have however had another go at the website inbetween with replacing my worn out counter and guestbook with lovely new ones and putting the new address on a few search engines. ok i will get an hour's sleep now before i get up for dissection- i have been working on this site since 2 this morning so you better thank me- by not emailing me and signing my guestbook instead! it saves me a lot of time and effort.

keep it up, chucks,