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It's free, includes lots of information and resources for a-level students, and contains whatever you ask for (to the best of my abilities)I try!. So for help.

   In the frames version of the site, the main links are provided on the left. They are provided again, more stylishly and categorically, and along with others, on the right. Click on the sub-categories to open the expanding lists.
   For no-frames users there is an index to navigate around the site. Frames are however recommended for a fuller and more navigable experience!
   In my main subject pages, the links to which are on the left, you will find links to some of my other pages, and other relevant sites.
   The links page can be used to find information not available on this website. It will eventually list all the most useful sites for all alevels (also general) and have brief description of them.
I have set up a new Guestbook as a discussion forum. Take a good look around the pages and links pages, and if you can't find what you want, try asking for help in the guestbook.
I have provided this site primarily because:
I am a nice guy, but also because there are so few comprehensive sites and I would like, eventually, to share the good a-level sites I have found to make it easier for other people to find them.
Please do keep tell me about useful addresses- just jot a note in the guestbook if you find a good site. Likewise if you can't find something.
A big thank you to those who have contributed, see the chemistry links page as an example.
I also did it as a learning process for me-
to learn to make web sites and write HTML and Javascript! My latest interest is dHTML. Some dynamic features of this page (experienced with Internet Explorer 4) include:
  • the left hand navigation area's roll-over effects (CSS)
  • the clock at the top of right-hand navigation page
  • the right-hand navigation area's expanding outline effect
Try them out!
    NEW PAGE: MEDICINE: interview tips and advice...
  • We're back in business. Thanks to those faithfuls who did not let me let this site down. We have a new helper, Chris, who will hopefully soon begin working on the Biology page, as he is presently doing AS level biology. If anyone else out there is presently doing an AS and has recommendations as to new content, please tell me. I will dedicate a page to you.
  • Site last majorly updated: 20/03/2001, work is ongoing